About Imfuyo

We are a leading Agri-Fin-Tech organization focused on transforming the livestock farming landscape in Africa. Our aim is to empower smallholder farmers and establish a self-sustaining livestock farming hub that addresses global needs. We offer tailored solutions to address the challenges faced by farmers, including access to financial services, cutting-edge technologies for livestock identification and record keeping, and comprehensive training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our services entails:

  • Livestock Identification/Tagging
  • Digitized Record Keeping
  • Farmer Trainings
  • Financial Services
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Imfuyo, an impactful and scalable startup, emerged victorious in the Glovo-Escade tech competition in Nairobi, triumphing over 100 other participating startups.


FARMERS TRAINED across various regions in Kenya.


LIVESTOCK IDENTIFIED to enable farmers have better control and understanding of their livestock.


COMMUNITY DAIRY FARMING PROJECTS to enhance farmer's livelihoods.


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What we do

We spearhead regeneration efforts by empowering farmers through innovative solutions, which includes:

  • 01 Livestock Identification/Tagging:

    We provide livestock identification through tagging of individual animals. This identification enables farmers, veterinary professionals, and regulatory authorities to track and manage animals effectively, contributing to improved productivity, health management, and market access.

  • We offer a digital record-keeping system for farms, enabling efficient data management and informed decision-making. Our user-friendly platform captures and stores vital farm data like yields, livestock performance, inputs, and finances. With centralized access, farmers gain valuable insights, accurate reporting, and proactive decision-making. Our goal is to streamline admin tasks, enhance efficiency, and empower data-driven farming.

  • We offer farmer training programs covering essential skills and diverse topics like feeding, livestock management, sustainable farming, and resource optimization. Our objective is to empower farmers with the skills needed to optimize yields, enhance profitability, and embrace sustainability.

  • We provide customized financial services for farmers, including capital access, risk management tools, and financial planning support. Our offerings include flexible in-kind loans, livestock insurance. Our goal is to support farmers in overcoming financial barriers and achieving long-term financial sustainability.


our Impact

Muthegi Goat Project

At Imfuyo, we believe in the transformative power of agriculture to uplift communities. One of our most successful projects is the Muthegi Agricultural Development Forum (MADF) Goat Purchase Project. This initiative has made a profound impact on the Muthegi Kirinyaga County community, improving livelihoods and fostering unity.

Farmer Activations

Imfuyo animal health and welfare specialist training 250 farmers on animal husbandary in Murang'a County during farmers day.

Extension Services

veterinary doctor administering vaccine to goats delivered to Muthegi farmers.


Our Partners


Rafiki Microfinance Bank

Lead Farmer

Muthegi Agricultural Development Forum Goat